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MetalTac 10,000 Bag Set 0.2g 6mm BBs

MetalTac 0.2g BB 6mm Airsoft 10,000 Bag Set. Heavy Weight, perfect for high quality AEG, perfectly balanced BB, extreme accuracy. High Precision, ultra smooth and perfectly balanced BB. Precisely made with minimal variation (+-0.01mm), weight precisely at 0.2g (+-0.01g) The Metal precision rating level has exceeded most the brand out there available on the Market, […]

MetalTac Bungee 1-Point Sling (Black)

An excellent piece of equipment to compliment an SMG or tactical rifle. Constructed out of high quality nylon making it resistance to most wear and tear, as well as water and damp environments, it includes a metal quick-detach snap hook. It simply goes around the body while the snap hook attaches to a single point […]